Thrown Clay Bowls, Carved and Painted:"Faith, Hope, Love..."

I threw this pot with nothing particular in mind for the decorating...this sort of just popped into my head, as do most of my creations...I can envision them and then try to replicate what's in my "Mind's Eye" 
I free-handed the carving of the hearts with the cursive words... this is MY OWN DESIGN.. it was nearing Valentine's Day  and LOVE was on the brain : )
I painted this with underglazes on a green, leather-hard, low grog, Miller 80? clay...
I didn't glaze the outside as I was trepidacious that the colors might run and ruin the precise lines and cursive wording...
I ABSOLUTELY DETEST how the interior red glazing came out..oh well...can't win them all, I guess...
Unbeknownst to me at the time when I carved the hearts around the base, there are 13 of them ...
The quote is from 1Corinthians 13:13... wild, huh???
The Lord works in mysterious ways ;  )
Thanks 4 looking!!! Take care and God bless, tia : )

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