My Best Friend's First Anniversary Present

Faith,Hope,Love...&the greatest of these is Love (1Cor 13:13)
I free-hand carved the cursive lettering and created the "bevel-edging" by utilizing a bead reamer.
The original height of the pot was 2-3" higher but in the decorating processes and it being picked up as green-ware the edges literally and sickeningly snapped off chunks at a time : (
1Cor 13:13

This mis-shapened heart was originally much like the "LOVE" word above...while carving it out, the green-ware gave  way and snapped off TWICE : (  The designs are all my own.
I quite literally doodled these interior hearts while sitting at the kitchen table while our son was doing his homework and I was filling the time between beseechings of "Help Me Please,Mama!"

Thanks for looking!
Please take care and God bless!!! : )


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