My UNFINISHED Unglazed Handbuilt Pumpkin

Not Quite Finished...Cross Your Fingers for the Glazing Process....
I was SOOOO incredibly nervous about trying to glaze and finish this!!!!
I actually picked pumpkin leaves from our garden and made my own "Leaf Mold" from some of my scrapping supplies and it ACTUALLY worked to my ENORMOUS SURPRISE!!!!
My WONDERFULLY patient teacher, Mikki, had to take me through how she did her own project, SEVERAL times...
I LOVED the realistically unique way she glazed her own leaves on her sample project she made for us...
I wanted to replicate it as closely to her's as possible...
BUT, I had put SOOOO much time,effort,work, and prayers into this, that I was reticent to try something new, treading outside my comfort zone...
Poor Mikki had to basically hold my hand through the process...she had a nasty migraine too... : ( 
(you'd never know by how VE RY patient she stayed with her class idiot)
To my great chagrin, I was nearly finished with The Glazing Experiment,
 when I set it down on the counter (I had been using a piece of foam but couldn't use it while it was still wet) and then,
 the MOST SICKENING sound ...
Yep, one of the bottom leaves snapped heart sank : (
Oh wel...I guess I'll just have to make that the "back" of the project : (
We'll just have to see what the Kiln Gods have done to it....
As always, thanks eversomuch for looking!!!!
Please take care and God bless,  tia : )

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