My First Handbuilt 4 Seasons Cassarole Dish

This dish took FOREVER to build!!!! It was WELL worth the effort!!!!
This is what it looked like after the Bisque Firing...I usually try to paint with underglazes while my clay projects are still  "green," so that the underglazes don't smeear while I'm trying to put the final clear glaze. The Bisque Fire "seals" the underglazes to the clay.  
This time I had to come up with a clever way to keep from ruining HOURS upon HOURS of work painting the colors on with toothpicks...
The seasons that are in this picture are Summer with a swing and Autumn with a rake perched against the tree : )

 The seasons in this picture are Winter with a snowman and Spring with a budding tree and flowers on the ground.
The bottom layer has sprigs tilted in two different directions to give it a less repetitious look : )
In order for the lid to fit it has to be fired simultaneously with the bottom part.  This means that there would be a gap between the blue glaze and the tan clay.  To overcome this, I painted the upperpart with the same color I painted around the trees but I made it a heavier coat and it remained unglazed. The top's handle is the trunk of the tree...It ties the seasonal trees together as well : )
Thanks 4 looking & God bless!!!  tia : )

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